Monday, 12 April 2010

Terre'blanche Murder: Don't panic?

Some can barely contain their excitement at the news that South African police investigating the murder of neo-Nazi bastard, Eugene Terre'blanche, have been told by lawyers acting for the two men who have been arrested that their defence will argue they acted in self-defence after Terre'blanche had tried to have sex with them.
Some love the idea that every homophobe - especially a far right homophobe - is a secret closet case.
Such men of course do exist; most infamously Hitler's "useful gay idiot" Ernst Rohm - a man who ultimately outlived his uses. Terrible Twin Jaroslaw Kaczynski - the closeted gay brother of dead man of the moment, Lech - former Polish PM and current chair of the Law and Justice Party has never been afraid of using homophobia to appeal to Catholic fundamentalist voters. And BNP leader Nick Griffin has recently denied that he was the bicha of the former NF senior cadre, Martin Webster...
Nonetheless alarm bells should sound whenever any lawyer cries; "Gay panic". Cold blooded killers of gay (and non-gay) men would often use such a "defence" in Britain knowing judges and juries would look more kindly on a man who'd murdered a "predatory" queer.
The official press in Zimbabwe seem keen to claim that Terre'blanche had tried to involved the two men in a "gay orgy" - and are now saying some former gay lover is about to come out of the woodwork. But it's almost an article of faith among the Mugabe regime that everyone they don't like - no matter how politically disparate - are part of some great secret gay conspiracy in legion against them.
For the record Terre'blanche was married, and had been outed before over an extra-marital affair with a woman.
Yes, I know that doesn't negate the idea that he was gay, or bisexual, so please don't write in.
But in a heated and politically-charged case like this I'd avoid jumping to conclusions about anything...

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  1. The lawyers later announced they were dropping the "gay panic" defence.