Friday, 23 April 2010

Evo Morales: How The Gay Press Works - Part 1

This week Bolivia is hosting the World's People Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.
Evo Morales, Bolivia's left-wing president, invited "Mother Earth's defenders" to Cochabamba to decide on the details of a proposed "Universal Declaration of Mother Earth Rights."
He said; "We are gathered here because the so-called developed countries didn't meet their obligation of establishing substantial commitments to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in Copenhagen. If those countries had respected the Kyoto Protocol and had agreed to substantially reduce the emissions inside their borders, this conference wouldn't be necessary."
In an article in The Nation, Naomi Klein argued; "The Bolivian process might save not just our warming planet, but our failing democracies as well."
This is one hell of an important event. It's not a specifically gay issue, but affects every human being on the planet; gay, straight or whatever.
Pink News - "Europe's largest online gay news service" - still managed to find a "gay angle"; 'Bolivian President says eating chickens turns men gay.'
Problem is, Morales didn't say that.
He did in passing mention that eating chickens that have been treated with female hormones can "cause deviations in men
Here's a translation; “The chicken we eat is full of feminine hormones and that is why when men eat these chickens they undergo deviations from their masculine being”.
Here's some film of that section of the speech with subtitles.
Latin American Spanish is as rich with words for "gay" as any other. If that's what Morales meant, surely he would have used one?
It's not a controversial view. Here's a report published this week showing that intersex fish are being created by a chemical "toxic stew".
Pink News could have checked the story.
Or put it in context.
They didn't.
This was credited to a "Staff Writer" - usually Pink News code for a story they've lifted from Associated Press or Reuters and run pretty much verbatim - and unchecked - as their own.
Why didn't Pink News mention that this apparent homophobe has overseen outlawing of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation being added to Bolivia's constitution, only the second country in the world to do this.
Why pass up an opportunity to mock a leading socialist politician from the developing world?
He must be a nutter, right?
Why not just print the same lies as the straight press?
Why not check facts?
Why lie?
And why couldn't Pink News print some of the things that Evo Morales actually said?
Take a bleedin' guess; "We have two paths: either Pachamama or death. We have two paths: either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies. Either capitalism lives or Mother Earth lives. Of course, brothers and sisters, we are here for life, for humanity and for the rights of Mother Earth. Long live the rights of Mother Earth! Death to capitalism!"


  1. I should add that I like the idea of something making men more feminine, it's probably best if they have a choice in the matter though...

  2. On April 27th an official statement had to be issued from Molares' office pointing out that - despite what was almost universally reported - he did not claim eating chicken makes men gay, and wholeheartedly supports lesbian and gay liberation