Saturday, 17 April 2010

Independent Record Store Day 2010

I left the house - rather foolishly in retrospect - just after 10am.
First port of call Rounder, a proper Indie Store, good staff and that.
No queue!
Or is this a bad sign that I've left it too late?
"Could I have a copy of The Fall single, please?"
"Sorry mate, we just sold the last one."
I jog round the corner to Ape, a faux Indie with lots of wanky CDs that students think are cool at £5.
It's empty.
"Have you got any copies of The Fall single left?"
"No, sorry - none left."
"Oh. Did they go a long time ago? Am I wasting my time running round town now?"
"We only got given one copy."
Over to Edgeworld - a proper hardcore Indie store.
Tiny first floor shop, four dweebs queuing.
The tosser in front of me ASKS FOR THE FUCKING ROLLING STONES' SINGLE!!!!!!!!
Oh, fuck right off.
The bloke behind the counter tries to hide his contempt, and informs him they didn't get offered anything on a major label.
The tosser starts making small talk anyway.
"Well, this day has certainly worked - I didn't know you were here before..."
I butt in - "Sorry," I wasn't actually.
"Do you have any copies of The Fall left?"
"Oh, err, don't think so..."
He has a look around behind the counter.
"Nah, all gone."
Curses. I think I've fucked this up.
Cross the street to Resident - my last hope in Brighton.
There is a huge fucking queue stretching right round the shop and outside.
They are giving everyone queuing raffle tickets with numbers on, to prevent fist fights.
I am number fucking 168.
I start queuing and tutting.
I ask the woman handing out the tickets if there are any copies of The Fall left.
"Yes, there's a few, I think."
Despite having four staff working behind the counter Resident has one till working.
Well done Resident! :applaud:
This could take days.
There is an old lady in front of me in the queue.
I think; if she's wasting ten seconds of my life trying to buy The Beatles there'll be trouble.
As it turns out she's trying to get a copy of the Pet Shop Boys single for her son; "He's in Australia."
After twenty minutes I actually get inside the shop.
They've put all the record sleeves up on one wall - about one-third have disappeared to be replaced by "Sold Out" signs.
I check with the ticket woman - they've still got some Fall in.
"Am I right that if one of your colleagues takes down The Fall sleeve that means someone's bought the last one?"
"Yes, it does," she smiles.
I notice its price; £4 fucking 99!
I skip out to the cashpoint as I was hoping it would be £2.99 tops.
There are still 60 people queuing ahead of me.
Much time passes, pages fly off a calendar, leaves fall...
Thankfully most people here appear to be 12 year-olds buying Indie toss I've at best vaguely heard of.
I see two copies of Bury being brought out and bagged up.
One to - could it be? Yes it is... my Fall-loving chum Toby Dynamik!
Another goes to a chap a few people in front of me with a copy of The Racing Post under his arm (Hello, if you're reading this).
Some cunt then brings out a list with all the records issued today on and starts asking for about ten of them - seemingly at random.
If that fucker asks for a copy of Bury there'll be fucking trouble.
He does.
There isn't any trouble though, what with me being a coward and that.
Only about eight numbers before me to go now.
I keep rubbernecking behind me to check The Fall sleeve is still up there.
It is.
It's my turn!!!!
"Canihaveacopyofthefallsingleplease?" I squeak whilst hyperventilatingly.
The chap picks up a copy, scans the price and puts it in a small plastic bag.
He hands it to me.

And that was how I bought a copy of Bury by The Fall on Independent Record Store Day 2010. :)

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  1. Copiesa of 'Bury' have already appeared on eBay for funny money.
    I sent a message to the five greediest sellers;


    I'm trying to get hold of one of the copies of 'Bury' with a scratch-and-sniff sleeve.
    It smells of pineapples.
    Would you mind checking if this is one of them?
    I am willing to pay anything up to £75 if it is.

    Thank you