Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Celebrity Blind Gossip Item

After a whirlwind romance at the end of last year these two fellas became one of the best-known gay couples in the world.
But they always looked like an odd couple - some said a brush with the law was pretty much inevitable.
They became the toast of the celebrity world - Madonna and Elton simply adored them - but others had their doubts.
Those who knew them say that one's biggest love affair is with the bottle, and the soak has always been straight.
Whilst the other is as nutty as a box of nut frogs.
And if they could ever have been considered an item, they split up six months ago.
These stories were hushed up so as not to spoil the myth of this as a great gay romance, and people felt sorry for them as they'd got themselves in such a terrible pickle.
And these two reluctant celebrities are what a gossip column would ususally describe as "deeply troubled stars".

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