Saturday, 19 June 2010

Celebrity Blind Date: Desperately Seeking Publicity

Apropos of nothing, Guardian Weekend today hosts 'A Celebrity Blind Date Special', so you, the reader, can find out "what happened when we sent 10 celebrity singletons on blind dates."
Three of the four women are currectly appearing in the West End, so at least have the excuse they have a show to promote.
But what of the men?
Apart from a restauranteur, they don't seem to have anything to promote but themselves. Hence the inclusion of Lembit Opik - who must have celebrated when he was ousted as a Lib Dem MP at the election as it meant he could spend more time with his television career.
This being The Guardian, we but of course get two gay men meeting up.
The two gay "celebrity singletons" (their phrase, not mine) are Richard Fairbrass, who had a few hits with Right Said Fred a mere 18 years ago, and the normally publicity-shy Peter Tatchell.
Why is Tatchell doing this? To slip in a little birrov politics, I guess he'd say.
Peter reveals; "I was dreading being paired up with some awful, snooty, braindead queen..."
Luckily he says Fairbrass and he "shared a critique of [the gay scene and culture's] sometimes shallow, me-first, consumerist, materialistic mentality."
Which - ironically - is exactly the sort of thing some snooty queen would say. Well, it sounds so much better than saying you think they're all so stupid and common and vulgar, doesn't it?
At this rate, Fagburn wouldn't be surprised if Peter Tatchell seriously thought about going on Celebrity Big Brother.
Tatchell eventually turned that gig down.
Or as The Independent rather waspishly put it; "Tatchell reveals there is a limit to his lust for publicity".
Tatchell's a great man, and lives on a pittance so I shouldn't begrudge him a good free meal, but I can't imagine Malcolm X of doing one of these.

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