Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Daily Telegraph: Homosexual Lady Performs Rock Music Concert

If you don't want Fagburn to spoil the magic, then look away now!There is no great mystery to this blog, it basically involves reading newspapers and various websites online, and looking for coverage involving "the gays".
If your correspondent was a bit busy he could just type the word "gay" into their respective search engines.
But this would mean I'd miss a lot of stuff. Only the tabloids and the dumber sections of the gay press still think readers needed to be constantly reminded that someone is a "gay singer", "gay author" or gay whatever.
But also The Daily Telegraph doggedly still prefers to use the word "homosexual" over "gay".
Today, it quotes "a homosexual comedian" - by which they mean Simon Fanshawe.
But they do break with their own tradition today in a live review of Joan Jett, who they claim is a "gay icon".
Usually use of this term is a sign that the journalist doesn't know what they're talking about - very few people have really achieved a genuinely iconic status amongst a significant number of gay men.
Here it's a clumsy way of saying that some lesbians like Joan Jett.
Evidently calling her a "lesbian icon" would have been more appropriate, but I can't figure out the Torygraph's policy on the L-word.
Andrew Perry writes; "During a straight-up reading of the glam classic Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah), Jett winked coquettishly at her female admirers in the front rows, eliciting whoops of pleasure. The singer is a gay icon, and various romantic scenes in the Runaways movie have finally confirmed her own sexuality in that direction."
That last line is an hilariously unwieldy phrase, using nine words when three would do.
One wonders how Joan Jett told her family; "Mum, Dad, I've got something to tell you - I have finally confirmed my own sexuality in a homosexual direction."

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