Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ivan Massow: My Struggle

We return to The Evening Standard where yesterday Britain's leading gay foxhunter, Ivan Massow, explains; "How The Conservatives Learned To Love Us Gays"
It looks like we have the self-serving self-made millionaire Mr Massow to thank for the Tories desperately trying to detoxify their brand in the last few years.
"Today I will walk into Number 10 for the first ever lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender garden party thrown by a Conservative government. It marks the end of a 20-year crusade that began for me at age 14 as chairman of my local Young Conservatives in Brighton."
It's clearly been a long and often lonely struggle for Ivan "to try and change the party from within" - Massow appears to have forgotten that he decided to jack in trying to change the Tories from within and joined New Labour in 2000.
By happy coincidence, this was also when Labour were at their most politically bouyant in a generation.
He's a strange one, that Massow - and not just because he's long been that walking, talking incongruity, a gay Tory.
He has penned several attention-seeking articles on the Tories and "the gays".
They got the attention they didn't deserve, because not so long ago having any gay man wibbling on about how he was "proud to be a Tory" seemed as bonkers as hearing a black man explain why he'd joined the BNP.
They were also odd, because if you saw Massow on Question Time, he came across as politically illiterate.
Although only the worst kind of cynic would suggest that those articles had been written not by Ivan Massow, but by Nicholas Boles, long a leading Cameroon, now a gay Tory MP, and once Ivan Massow's flatmate.

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