Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jamaica: Perhaps You Had To Be There?

You may have heard that the alleged Mr Big of Jamaica's underworld, Christopher "Dudus" Coke", has finally been captured by the Kingston cops.
You must remember Dudus, "Jamaica's most wanted"?
He was the dude who managed to evade arrest last month following a huge shoot-out in Kingston that left over 70 people dead.
According to who you believe he's an evil drugs baron shipping shitloads of crack into the US, a much loved Robin Hood figure, or a businessman who's got the Jamaican government in his roomy pockets.
When he was caught in a police roadblock yesterday, the wonderfully named Mr Coke was escorted by a minister who claimed he was taking Coke to the US Embassy to give himself up.
The Jamaica Observer's account of his arrest prints his police mugshot where he is still wearing a disguise; glasses, a small afro wig and what looks like a hat.
A separate JO item has an unnamed police officer saying a pink wig was among items found in the car.
As you can see above The Jamaica's Observer's cartoon has taken just a little artistic licence conjuring up his impression of a bewigged Dudus being arrested.
As someone has posted on the JO messageboards; "I guess bad man DO WEAR LOTION AND POWDA after all..LMAO!!! Look at Dudus in Drag, who would've thought? LOL.. I guess when trouble tek yuh, pickney shut do affi fit yuh..LOL."
How silly? Well, The Daily Mail and other media also mangled the story into Coke being found in womens' clothes - he wasn't in the police report or the JO account.
LOL indeed.

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