Saturday, 31 July 2010

Joe McElderry: Oh. Yes, I Am

It's always the ones you most expect.
Joe McElderry actually is gay!
Who knew?!!
Erm, everyone but him it seems.
On July 8th The Sun reported; "X FACTOR champ Joe McElderry was the victim of pranksters who hacked into his Twitter page and announced he was GAY."
"The post said: "It's been difficult living a lie for so many years."
"Later it was deleted and Joe, 19, wrote: "Guys my twitter has been hacked!"
"Joe has told The Sun he is "straight and single"."
Which must have made many titter.
Today The Sun reports; "Joe: Gossip on Twitter Made Me Decide To Come Out.'
"JOE McELDERRY told last night how gossip on the social networking website Twitter persuaded him to come out as gay.
"The X Factor champ, who hit No1 with his single The Climb, was targeted by hackers who broke into his account and "outed" him for a joke.
"A post read: "It's been difficult living a lie for so many years."
"But as the shock subsided, proud Joe admitted the message made him realise his true feelings."
Really? Fagburn always has some reservations about these "Pop star comes out" ("So brave..." etc etc) stories in the tabloids.
Mainly because - as happened with Stephen Gately and Will Young - the main factor in forcing them out was that they'd been told by the tabloid they were about to be outed.
Joe mentions to The Sun; "I kissed one boy last year" - did that "one boy" kiss and tell?
Young Joe McElderry sounds sincere - and this story, though odd, doesn't sound improbable; a lot of people had presumed he was gay, but Joe was in a kind of denial until that tweet got him wondering if he was.
He told The Sun: "...after a while I looked at the message and thought, 'Well, they're not that far from the truth'.
"I think the Twitter thing was the point when I realised I was gay. I just looked at it and thought, 'Should I be more bothered about this'?
"Because I wasn't, that's when it clicked and I thought maybe I was. It was a turning point, definitely."
"Geordie Joe, 19, added in the garden of his West London flat: "I was doing an interview recently and I was asked the same questions I always get asked, 'Are you single? Have you got a girlfriend'?
"Before I've always said no. I was not attracted to anyone at the time so thought it was a fair answer.
"Then I thought, 'Actually, my feelings have changed - this is how I feel now'. The penny has dropped.""
But The Daily Mirror prints exactly the same The Sun quotes as a rather bizarrely titled 'Joe McElderry: I'm gay - X Factor winner comes out in Daily Mirror interview' and a
3am Exclusive'.
But they give it a rather sweet and ever so modern twist.
"Joe McElderry reveals that he's gay (which is slightly gutting, as we think we just fell a little bit in love with him)"
"...We don't think he'll have huge problems there, do you? We just hope that his adoring girly fanbase can cope with the fact that their heartthrob might have to be their imaginary gay best friend rather than their imaginary boyfriend from now on..."
Fagburn wonders if there may be more to come on Joe's "coming out" story...


  1. Fagburn thought about writing on here about the fake Twitter story on July 8th, but thought it wasn't of much import in the general scheme of things.
    It also broke on the day of the "Kylie and cocktails" gay asylum hoo-ha, which overshadowed all else.
    Funny how things turn out...

  2. PS. It seems from this completely unscientific poll at the literally titled people who thought he was gay and people who thought he was straight were pretty much split right down the middle...