Friday, 20 August 2010

A Level Results: Single Sex Education

"Imagine my horror and disbelief on viewing your (usually impeccable) homepage at and finding that you have unaccountably posted a large photograph of two wholesome and attractive young men in a somewhat homoerotic rugby tackle, celebrating their A-level results. To add insult to injury, one of them is wearing a cardigan. Please could you remove this offending image forthwith and replace it with a smiling picture of some blonde totty from public school wearing a low-cut top who has got herself five A*s and is going to Oxford."

Catherine Dean, London. Guardian letters.
For further illustration/s, see Guardian Media Monkey; 'A-levels coverage: Jumping? Tick. Blonde? Full marks'. (On Tuesday, blogger Mark Pack had offered £50 to "a charity of your choice" to the first person to "find me a story in a mainstream media outlet about exam results in the UK this year. Oh, and it has to have at least one photo. Oh, and the photo(s) have to be of photogenic boys, not girls...")

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