Friday, 3 September 2010

Cyril Smith: He never married

In a week of silly ponces on the internet saying certain politicians are gay, Fagburn would like to mourn the death of Cyril Smith.
Goodbye fatty.
Funny how you never married.
Though you did once make your beloved mother your Lady Mayoress in Rochdale.
By 'eck etc etc.
You were a bit mad and I would never have voted for you - but you were Britain in the 1970s in a supersized nutshell.
I'm still not back, though.

EDIT: See Private Eye, No 1271 17-30 September 2010, page 9 for the allegations about Cyril Smith and sexual and physical abuse at Rochdale's Cambridge House boys' hostel in the 60s - and despite an investigation by Lancashire Constabulary in 1974 there being "some kind of institutional cover-up" with press silence maintained.
See also this story on Rochdale's Alternative Website.

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