Friday, 17 September 2010

Daily Mail Sued: "Relentless and Spiteful Attack"

First Clare Balding - and now Carina Trimingham.
Trimingham has launched a legal action against Associated Newspapers for invasion of privacy over stories published in the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday over her relationship with Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate minister.
Press Gazette reports; "According to a writ filed at the High Court, she claims the stories breached her reasonable expectation of privacy and her statutory right to privacy.
"Trimingham says the stories, which revealed she was bisexual, detailed relationship history which was private information.
"She claims the stories contained details about sexual intercourse, reports of private conversations and included photographs, which she had commissioned, that were taken before, during, and after her civil partnership ceremony.
"The writ says she seeks aggravated damages for the “relentless and spiteful character of the attack” as the eight stories were published over eleven days.
"In addition, she is seeking an injunction banning the papers from continuing to publish pictures of her civil ceremony and information about her sexuality..."

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