Friday, 17 September 2010

Papal Visit: Your Protest, Our Marketing Opportunity

From - who hilariously are billing this as an "exclusive":
"Britain’s leading gay titles – Attitude, DIVA, GT and – have joined together for the very first time in opposition to the Pope’s UK visit, today.
"On the eve of London’s latest anti-Pope rally, the brands [!!!] – who are long-standing publishing rivals – have united in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s state-funded trip, which began in Scotland yesterday and continues across Britain over the weekend...
"But today, the four titles have joined forces against the attacks.
"They have issued this joint statement:
“As our country hosts the Pope this week, we – the leading gay press..."
How kind of you to let us know and try and raise "brand awareness" at this difficult time.
Fight the power!!!!!!!!!
There are rumours of some big ch-ch-changes at Millivres-Prowler Group, does this historic union between the "long-standing publishing rivals" mean a merger is on the cards?

Update: Gaydar also tried to use the protests against the pope as a marketing opportunity, bringing some young men dressed as 'Gaydar Angels' and some adverts masquerading as placards to the protest at Twickenham this afternoon; '6 Million Gaydar Members Are Not Evil' etc.
Oh do fuck off!
Not much of a PR exercise as - predictably - only Pink News and Pink Paper (and now ironically yours truly) mentioned their shameless scam.

• Cartoon from today's Guardian by Steve Bell (again).

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