Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ray Gosling: Not Going Down

And on a lighter note, Ray Gosling was given a suspended sentence today after being found guilty of wasting police time over his TV confession to a "mercy killing" of a lover who was dying of Aids.
Initially Gosling told the court; "In my heart and in my head I plead not guilty."
He later changed his plea to guilty.
Well, sort of.
"Digby Johnson, my solicitor, tells me technically I am guilty. I just want to say, very clearly and very strongly, sorry to my lover's family and for the distress I have caused them and sorry that apparently I have wasted police time."
Keywords expected in tomorrow's papers: partner, fantasist, publicity seeker, drinking (heavy), BBC licence fee payers (Daily Mail only), career (sorry end to), lorry (mad as a).
Silly old sausage.

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