Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Stephen Sondheim: He's Still Here

Fagburn loved this interview with the ever wonderful Stephen Sondheim in the Telegraph; 'Still Cutting it at 80'.
Octogenerian East Coast Jews rock!
It's good on his self-percieved outsider status; "Somebody who people both want to kiss and kill".
"Sondheim describes himself as 'melancholic by nature’ – if given of 'a huge adolescent streak. I would like to think I have the soul of a Russian Jew. But unfortunately I’m a German Jew, which is rather different...’"
Fagburn thinks of himself along similar lines.
Also Fagburn thinks this is the first article to draw a portrait of Stephen's boyfriend, Jeff Romley.
"For the past six years he has been in a relationship with Jeff Romley, 32, a personable young man with even good looks who comes in as Sondheim and I talk. Romley, Sondheim says, works 'in cyberspace’. He gives a bemused shrug, as if he is not quite sure what that might mean. 'He is a great joy in my life.’"
Note to journalists: Most gay men will be out if you ask them nicely.
I'm not sure what "even good looks" means, but the thought of him and Stephen Sondheim watching Glee together made me touch heaven.


  1. Thank you for posting this.

    I assume Jeff Romley was the young man sitting next to Sondheim at the recent BBC Proms special.
    He was rather good looking, as I recall.