Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The xx - Gay, Lez and Thingy Win Mercury Prize

Fagburn does but of course extend his warmest congratulations to The xx - who last night won this year's Mercury Music Prize.
Just as I predicted back in July by the way.
At some point yesterday Fagburn was reading a really good "in depth" recent interview with the funny faced threesome where Oliver (right) and Romy (centre) talked candidly - I think for the first time - about being a gay man and a lesbian and that.
They explained why they hadn't really discussed it in interviews before, even though this was was how the band were framed in much of their early press.
I was going to call it "their William Hague moment" - then realised that doesn't really mean anything.
And then I was going to speculate wildly that they may have chosen to come out properly just then to get it all out in the open should they win the Mercury Prize and the world started wanting to know every single darned thing about them.
I swear it was in The Times or The Sunday Times over the weekend.
I have a little scribble on a file card that says so.
But can I find it today? Can I buggery?!!
If I didn't see the interview in The Times, then where on Jupiter did I see it?
I've spent literally hours today trawling through every British newspaper and their online archives.
I've been trying to find it through Google with fiendishly clever searches that would have made Alan Turing proud.
It. Does. Not. Seem. To. Exist.
I didn't completely waste my time, as it appeared to confirm how rare it is to find an interview with The xx where their sexuality is talked about.
I'll keep trying to find that piece I read, but I'm starting to wonder/worry that I dreamt it.
I've been having a lot of really weird dreams lately.
The other night I dreamt me and Justin Bieber were in this sort of action movie thing where by various stunning acts of derring-do in a plane and stuff we managed to first break then get overturned the US blockade of Cuba by massive popular demand.
Be a bit of a headfuck if I found out that actually happened, wouldn't it?

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