Sunday, 17 October 2010

David Laws: Missing

David Laws has stepped out of the shadows and given his first interview since the cock-up that led to his coming out and resignation in May.
You can hear the interview with the former Treasury Secretary on BBC Radio 5 Live at 7pm in the unfortunately titled Pienaar's Politics.
Asked if he missed being a minister, Laws said; "Everybody wants to be in the front line".
Although seeing as his cut-loving Lib-Dem colleagues in the Con-Dem coalition couldn't be less popular if they were caught putting cats in wheelie bins, Mr Laws stepping aside now looks like a pretty smart move.

UPDATE: He couldn't/wouldn't talk about expenses or his coming out. Ho-hum...


  1. I think the Liberal Democrats will implode due to their current situation and David Laws will take over and Ed Miliband will get less and less popular because of his goggly eyes and David Laws will become the next Prime Minister, but he won't be a gay gay Prime Minister, he'll be a Ted Heath gay Prime Minister.

    That's my prediction, Fagburn!

    (I really like David Laws, but I don't know why. Am I a closet Tory masquerading as a closet LibDem???)

  2. He's really right-wing on economics - one of the main Orange Lib dems - so, ironically, he's one of the few who'd actually enjoy cutting the public sector to buggery...

  3. He is a right wing twat. Better off without him.

  4. Laws popped out again today, penning a comment piece for The Guardian; 'Why I'm proud of the pupil premium' -

    In the print edition the title is 'A Promise I'm Proud Of'.

    Laws does use the word 'proud' in the piece, but you wonder if there was some minor mischief in the mind of the sub who came up with the titles...