Monday, 25 October 2010

Elton John & Eminem: "Two Diamond-Encrusted Cockrings"

There's a fucking HUGE interview with Sir Elton of John in The Daily Telegraph today.
The old bitch is on good form: Pop videos ("I fucking hate them"), D-list celebrities ("I loathe celebrity. I can’t stand it"), and Fabio Capello ("I cannot believe – and I hope you print this – that we employ a manager who still cannot speak English").
He gets a light grilling about playing at bigoted bigmouth Rush Limbaugh's wedding.
Mick Brown writes; "He faced similar criticism in 2001 when he joined Eminem on stage at the Grammy awards, ignoring the controversy about the rap singer’s allegedly homophobic lyrics. Eminem has now come out in support of gay marriage. 'For our civil partnership present he gave David and me two diamond-encrusted cock-rings.’"
Which would be wonderful - if only it didn't make Fagburn think about Elton John and David Furnish doing anything with them.

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