Sunday, 17 October 2010

ExpoGays: More Money Than Sense

There's a textbook example of the Phil Space school of journalism in The Independent On Sunday today.
A small "trade fair" in Torremolinos is puffed up as; 'Pink Euro Soars In Value'.
Fuck knows why this non-event is deemed worthy of a mini-feature.
I can't imagine four minutes spent reading this added anything to anyone's Sunday - except the organisers'.
Although Fagburn envies anyone who can wangle a free "working" weekend in Torremolinos, he suspects that anyone who actually paid cash-money to hire a stall at "ExpoGays" has fuck-all business sense.


  1. That picture is saying to me:

    "Look at this gay wanker. Are you a gay wanker too? Come to ExpoGay!"

  2. That picture says; 'This is being done on the cheap, we better use a stock photo'.