Saturday, 16 October 2010

Interview: Dustin Lance Black

Oliver Stone interviews the adorable and eminently boyfriendable Dustin Lance Black in Interview.

Milk was a hero to many people. What attracted you to [J Edgar] Hoover?
"The attraction to Milk was pretty obvious. He's a father figure. I thought it might be worth investigating the opposite of Milk - what a cautionary historical figure would be like. This is a tale of a closet case, as opposed to an inspirational tale of a man brave enough to come out. It's almost the flip side. I'm always interested in getting to know people, and that means vilified people as much as those celebrated. You find out that heroes aren't always so heroic, and villains have some bit of humanity in them. As much as I went into this project not really liking Hoover and feeling upset with so much of what he did and what civil rights he violated, there is a person there, a human being. If you don't humanize him and try to show why he did the things he did, then you are left with this cardboard figure of Hoover-whether it's one with the "G-Man" machine gun or in a dress. I wanted to figure out who the guy really was..."


  1. He's fugly. Sorry.
    But that is an interesting quote and I'd love to see the film.
    Clint Eastwood directing, though??? Hmmm...
    Seems like an interesting man (Black, I mean... though Hoover was too, obv.)

  2. He's a good writer.
    I'd love to see that autobiographical film he's just written/directed.
    He's only 7 years older than me and he's achieved so much.
    Wrote, directed, won an Oscar, made a sex film.
    I feel old.
    Depressed now.
    Thanks a lot, Fagburn!!!

  3. I was quite surprised to see he was 36.
    For some reason I thought he was much younger and almost annoyingly precocious...

  4. There's a video of Dustin going back to his high school for the Homecoming Project here