Monday, 25 October 2010

Joe McElderry: Still Awake?

It was touch-and-go for little Joe McElderry this weekend.
Due to plug his sorry debut album at G-A-Y on Saturday night, on Friday The Sun reported he was in bed with laryngitis.
That's right - he had a sore throat!
The mind boggles...
Luckily for everyone Joe rose like Lazarus.
The Sun's coverage of Joe's G-A-Y PA?
Zero. Which may indicate the young lad's star is already quickly fading.
The Mail, Express and Star all ignored it, too.
They may have missed out - The Mirror made it sound like a cross between Altamont and the last days of the Roman empire.
'Joe McElderry rescued by minders from lively G-A-Y crowd'
"Joe McElderry's going to be back in the closet quicker than you can say YMCA after being mobbed by drooling fellas during his gig.
"The terrified X Factor winner had to be rescued by beefy minders when one overexcited fan leapt on the stage at London's G-A-Y.
"I'm told: "Joe performed six tracks from the new album but towards the end of his last song a fan clambered on to the stage and tried to haul him off it and into the crowd.
"Bouncers waded in and dragged him to safety. There was a stampede." Scary stuff..."
Commented the Mirror's ever droll 3am girls/boys;
"Crikey. Maybe the clamberer just wanted to hold Joe's hand as he negotiates the tricky world of relationships. Has he still just kissed the one boy? He's missing out!"
Joe's album - Wide Apart or whatever it's called - is in the shops today!
Tick tick tick tick tick tick...

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  1. I think he's adorable and you're being exceptionally mean, Fagburn.