Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Kids Are All Right: All Grown Up

'Mum's The Word: The Kids Are All Right is a VERY moral comedy about family values'
The Daily Mail simply adores The Kids Are All Right.
"Liberals have predictably rushed to embrace the picture for its positive view of lesbian motherhood, but I suspect its appeal for mainstream audiences really lies in its underlying conservatism.
"This is one of those all-too-rare Hollywood films where parental duties and children’s feelings are given their proper weight, and adult irresponsibility is viewed with a clear and judgmental eye.
"At the same time, it’s pragmatic and compassionate. This is a moral tale, but with the ­humanity to acknowledge that we can’t all be moral, all of the time."
The Daily Express thought it was more than alright too; "an immensely likeable tale of modern families, complex relationships and the notion that every action has a consequence. Best of all is the way it feels true to life... Warmly recommended to anyone in search of smart, grown-up entertainment."
The Sun felt much the same; "An intelligent, well observed movie about adult relationships. The kids are alright but this is a film for grown ups."
The Telegraph warned its readers; "The set-up is one that will make some people gag."
No, not because it's about a lesbian couple.
Because they've got such a "perfect" life.
"Nic and Jules live in the sunny suburbs of California. Respectively, they’re a successful doctor and an aspiring landscape designer. They’ve been together for many years, have raised two smart children, Joni and Laser, and, though you sometimes detect a hint of anxiety in their eyes, they seem to have everything."
However Cosmo Landesman in The Sunday Times found a flaw; "In suggesting that married lesbians are essentially no different from married heterosexuals, I can’t help but feel the film is being a bit naive and avoiding the complex issues that would arise from such an arrangement. Having two mums or two dads must be different — not necessarily better — than having a mum and a dad. But in the world Nic and Jules’s family inhabits — a new-agey, green-is-good part of southern California — nobody seems to care about lesbian mums..."
And nobody seems to care about lesbian films anymore - or maybe just not about the ones where the lesbians belong to a nice "normal" middle-class family, in films that are "moral" with an "underlying conservatism".
But anyway, did any film critics not love The Kids Are All Right?
Did its Sapphic set-up make no-one's hackles rise?
How very grown-up.


  1. Gay cinema has officially become boring.
    (along with the rest of gay culture)

  2. I preferred the good old days, when The Movie Gays were all perverted screaming psychokillers...

  3. Yeah, back in the days when people knew the difference between real life and a movie.