Saturday, 9 October 2010

Lip Service: Ladies In Waiting

"BBC3's Lip Service isn't the world's first drama about lesbians," Rebecca Nicholson begins a feature in Guardian Guide.
"That accolade belongs to The L Word, which finished after six series in 2009 – but it is the first that Britain can claim as its own."
Doesn't Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit count?
Tipping The Velvet? Too costume drama?
How about the wonderful Sugar Rush then?
Okay, the wonderful first series of Sugar Rush - sigh...
Anyway, I'm being overly pernickety - Lip Service is the tale of five everyday lesbians in Glasgow; a photographer, an architect, a struggling actress, a police sergeant and a daytime TV presenter.
Because British TV needs more series about thrusting bourgeois young professionals.
Writer Harriet Braun tells The Guide; "I wanted to show characters who happen to be gay, but their sexuality is completely part of their lives."
Let's hope she decides which before she finished the script.
Will Lip Service be the lesbian Queer As Folk; all modern and sexy and punchy and must-see?
Sadly it's on BBC3, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

• By the way, it is now ten years since Channel 4's Queer As Folk finished. How many UK TV drama series about gay men have you seen since then?

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  1. I now have it on good authority that it's painfully badly executed and embarrassing.