Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Queerty Vs Justin Bieber: My Word

On Saturday Queerty ran an item; 'Canadian's Douchebag Radio Host Dean Blundell Wrist Slapped For Calling Justin Bieber A Transexual 'She-He It''.
"Blundell — as you can hear in the audio clip below — refers to Beiber as a "he-she" and then a "she." And then an "it." And then a "transexual." While laughing."
Queerty said the "douchebag" DJ should be kept off the air.
Good for them.
Today Queerty runs a brief item on the - admittedly bizarro - Brazilian magazine cover of Justin Bieber shown above.
There's little beyond this picture and Queerty's sniggering headline;
'Justin Bieber, Trans Teen Star'


  1. That cover reminds me of someone but maybe I shouldn't say who,.

  2. Queerty dug themselves even deeper into a hole with this non-apology.

    Why can't they just act like a man and admit they fucked up?

  3. Today Queerty has picked a short news story off the internet and retold it completely wrong - I really like Queerty, but this is the sort of thing Pink News does.