Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stephen K Amos: Special K

Stephen K Amos, the black gay comic, does a Q&A in The Observer today.
He tells them; "I don't want to be labelled as 'the black gay comic'."
Presumably to stress this, The Observer has given the piece the strapline; "Stephen K Amos: 'I don't want to be labelled "the black gay comic"'
Amos is asked nine questions.
Seven are about being black and/or gay.
The Stephen K Amos Show debuted on BBC2 on Friday.
It was often painfully poor - a real shame as Amos is a terrific stand-up.
His own routines on the show were good, but the filler seemed to have come from a student revue.
Or worse, from Corne & Horden.
If it addressed being black or gay, it was in a trite and datedly stereotyped way; a queeny commissionaire picking people up on their bad dress sense, or a skit on a Nigerian TV station that looked like a borderline racist throwback to Q8.
What a waste.


  1. Excruciating.
    He did an interesting-ish documentary a few years ago on Channel 4, Batty Man, about being a black gay who is both black and gay and the homophobia in ver black community.
    It was pretty good as far as I remember.
    You can watch it here.

  2. Yup, that documentary was excellent - and so is Stephen K amos.
    It all makes the programme so disappointing.

  3. I would say he's more amusing than funny, but here he seems to have taken out anything that made him amusing in the first place and just fallen back on tired old stereotypes and cliches - a la Little Britain - in order to appeal to a mainstream audience.
    If it works, good for him. I haven't read any reviews of the first show, so I don't know how it's been received, as it were...

  4. The woman doing the Liza Minnelli skit was the shittest thing that's ever been on tv.

  5. How this made it onto the B.B.C. heaven knows! It is toe-curling!

  6. Complete utter rubbish.
    Why have the BBC forgotten what comedy is all about?

  7. I don't normally write reviews but this show is so painful to watch I just had to write a comment. I can't believe the BBC actually sanctioned this rubbish !!

  8. I agree with the comments above and felt moved to psot a comment. The programme is TRULY awful. I understand he's a West London local and I've seen his stand up shows advertised but have never been able to go. Therefore, I looked forward to seeing him on Friday night. Thank God I was watching for free is all I can say. I also cannot believe this programme was sanctioned by the BBC. Old cliched gags. Sorry Stephen, you have to do better than that

  9. I watched this for the first time last night..a few funny jokes most pretty average and well telegraphed.Joke about paedophiles in very poor taste. Not likely to watch again.

  10. Come back Lenny Henry all is forgiven.......!!!
    I wonder how much the audience have been paid to laugh and clap at this complete utter dribble. Here's some advice, how about running this through a pilot programme before actually allowing a full series to be screened!!