Friday, 12 November 2010

4D Man: Straight Magazines

"Gaz7etta, 4D Man, Bauer Media, confident, individual, not as tribal, metrosexual, new lad, Spurmo, himbo, mandom, retrosexual, ubersexual, pomosexual, menaissance, new man, Danny Dyer, Zoo, Loaded, Maxim, FHM, Magculture, Old Spice, James May's Man Lab, fashion, Fantastic Man, dandyism, Vice, but not look gay, Wallpaper*, Gym Class, Inbetweeners, Manzine..."
Kevin Braddock of Manzine writes rather well in The Guardian about what this new 4D Man actually is, if anything - apart from a way to sell mens' magazines.
Fagburn is still waiting for his free copy of Gaz7etta to turn up. Ho-hum...


  1. This comment under that Guardian piece...

    "I used to read Loaded, but then it became shit. So I read FHM, then that became shit too. Nothing to do with the zeitgeist or the changing face of masculinity; if they were as good now as they were then, I'd still read them."

    ...says it all, I think.
    Adthink is what fucks up a lot of good magazines. They start aiming at some non-existant demographic and become ossified by their ever-narrowing target audience.
    It happened to a lot of good film magazines I used to read.
    I guess that's what happened to Gay Times too?

  2. Often when mens' magazines and gay magazines get desperate they just think "Oh, throw more tits at the readers", metaphorically...

  3. It happened to a lot of good film magazines I used to read.

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