Thursday, 18 November 2010

Adoption: Sheila, Take A Walk

"The case-law shows that the right to manifest religious beliefs is a very weak right. It gives way to conflicting goals or values that society as a whole has decided are of importance and does so because they are (or should be) based on reason or evidence.
"We do not allow people to set fire to an abortion clinic, to carry out genital mutilation of young girls, or to massacre infidels, however sincere the religious beliefs that motivate such action, and however important they may be to the believer. Abraham would be very fortunate today to escape with a bindover for the binding, and attempted murder, of his son Isaac."
A Catholic adoption agency cannot refuse to consider placing a child with a gay couple if that is in the child’s best interests however much this may offend against religious beliefs. The law does not prevent people from believing that homosexual acts offend against the word of God. But if you offer a service to the public, it must be on terms that do not discriminate against people on grounds that society finds unacceptable."

David Pannick QC, 'Praise The Lord, But Don't Expect The Courts To Genuflect', The Times

• Sheila Matthews, a Christian adoption adviser dismissed from her job with Northamptonshire County Council for refusing to recommend same-sex couples as suitable parents, has lost her claim for religious discrimination.
'Homosexual practice is not God's will: What Christian paediatrician who lost job on adoption panel told tribunal', The Daily Mail (Obviously).


  1. That David Pannick quote says it all really, doesn't it?

  2. I'm reading 'God Is Not Great' at the moment, and it's hard to think of a good word to say about theism/theists.

    The charming story of Abraham and Isaac - central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam of course - kinda sums it all up.

    Free the Moriah 1!