Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Alan Bennett: Yes, Again!

Lovely interview with Alan Bennett by Simon Hattenstone in The Guardian - one of the best I've ever read with him.
A lot of it centres around how much Bennett has changed since coming out fully in Untold Stories in 2005.
Despite saying his life view is "not cheerful", he seems quite contented now, and it seems to have affected his work as well.
Hattenstone - but of course - ends by saying he's a national treasure, half-joking I guess.
'Great, I say, perhaps we'll stop thinking of you as a national treasure now, and more as a dirty old man. His thin lips part and he laughs that totally joyous laugh again. "Hahahahaha! "Well, that's good. Yes, dirty old man. I don't mind that. No. Quite happy with that."


  1. Sweet - so he's not a cunt then?

  2. I'd do anything for Alan Bennett.
    Apart from MES I think he's the greatest living elnglishman.
    Just the fact he's alive makes everything seem bearable. :)