Monday, 15 November 2010

Andrew Pierce: "As A Gay Uncle Tom..."

The Daily Mail's Andrew Pierce regularly peppers his columns with the dread words "as a a gay man..."
You just know he's going to follow it with some crowd-pleasing homophobic twaddle.
Today he writes about 'Annie's Insult To Remember'.
"A record 46 million poppies were sold this year. But not everyone joined the spirit of remembrance.
"While promoting her new song on TV’s Strictly Come Dancing last night, Annie ­Lennox, 55, crassly wore a red ribbon (denoting ­solidarity with Aids victims) instead of a poppy.
"As a gay man, you may think I would admire Lennox for wearing an Aids awareness ribbon. I don’t.
Lennox’s new song is called ­Universal Child.
But to our brave Armed Forces, her performance was more like a universal insult."
It's hardly pissing on the Centotaph, is it?
And World Aids Day is two weeks away.
Pierce's pissy little piece is as underhand as would be Fagburn heading this post; "Heartless Andrew Pierce has slammed Annie Lennox for wearing an Aids Ribbon".
But anyway, once you've ceased reeling from Mr Pierce's dazzling wordplay, you might like to ponder why so many gay journalists on the straight press keep going on about how much they don't like anything gay...


  1. I saw him on TV on Sunday. His hair just sort of perches on his head, like a bad wig. And he's either had his teeth straightened and bleached or he wears dentures.
    Either way, nothing on his face seems like it belongs there. He's like a walking photofit... with less charisma.

    He does always mention his sexuality right before saying something right-wing/homophobic. It's like he's giving a pass to people who think such things as an "in": "I'm gay but I agree with you, so you can carry on being homophobic but feel good about it at the same time. Will you accept me now, please?"
    A despicable aquiescence to homophobia.

    There was that other piece by him reported by you at the time: "Why I, as a gay man, abhor these TV queens..." Ha ha!!!
    What I specifically detest about cunts like this is that they almost certainly sat back silently and did precisely fuck all when the gay men they obviously despise were bringing the issue out into the open and when the fights that have got us to where we are were being fought.
    As a gay man, I think he's a spineless, self-hating homophobic chump.

  2. I think class has a lot to do with it.
    Pierce, like rather a lot of gay journalists, is posh - and ergo he's a snob.
    A gay snob who's snobby about gay men and gay stuff.
    How very fucking surprising.

  3. I like that drawing of Andrew Pierce!

  4. Stumbled across this site by accident.

    I really like A.Pierce, makes me larf :-)