Monday, 22 November 2010

Attitude: The Tissues Issue

First rule of gay publishing: Put the word "SEX" on the cover and you'll see sales rise and rise.
It's circulation Viagra.
Or crack or something.
I'll find the appropriate metaphor later.
Attitude started this trend and now it seems every month some gay magazine has done its own "Sex Issue" - or "Naked Issue" or "Porn Issue".
I call them the Tissues Issues.
I pride myself on not being a prude, and think part of the point of the gay press is to celebrate homosex and gay desire, but am I the only gay man in Christendom who finds these things a turn-off and is less likely to buy a fag mag's "Sex Issue"?


  1. At least attitude's sex issues are sexy.

  2. No I've never bought one (a "tissues issue" ha ha!).
    They always seem a bit desperate, to me. As you infer, more about masturbation than sex.
    Which is fine, but they're rarely sexy.
    That Attitude cover is terrible. It's so sterile and sexless.

  3. What I meant was, isn't every issue the sex issue?

  4. I don't usually buy them - I feel uneasy reading about other people writing about their sex lives, bad or good.
    It seems like a desperate sales thing as well I think.
    Attitude is really good now when they do non-sex issues./