Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Breaking News: Man To Marry Woman!

Fagburn has only just got round to posting today as he is so unbelievably fucking excited about the announcement that Prince William Of Inbred is to marry Kate Middleclass, a simple peasant girl from a multi-millionaire family.
It's not every day that a man and a woman get married, so Fagburn joins every single person on earth in wishing them every happiness, or at least a bit more happiness than royal couples usually have.
Thank fuck he didn't want to marry a fella.

• As this is clearly the most important event in the history of the world since man first tamed fire, Fagburn may not post again until at least teatime.


  1. He's going bald tragically fast, isn't he?

  2. Isn't his dad supposed to be gay? And one uncle? And a great uncle? And...

  3. A few years ago when that Royal aide gay sex scandal broke there was a "Royal Reporter" on This Morning who openly inferred that Charles is bisexual. He never actually said it but the inferrence was obvious.
    Rumours have followed Edward round for years, haven't they?
    His great uncle, George was almost certainly gay. Rumoured to have had an affair with Noel Coward, I think.

    If only Harry was a gayer [swoon]...

  4. And noted pederast and favourite "uncle" to Charles, Lord Mountbatten, of course...