Friday, 12 November 2010

Change: "Does Media Fuel Gay Suicide Copy Cats?"

Well dur!
Andrew Belonsky asks on the US liberal website
To my knowledge the only article to ask an obvious - and pressing - question.
Readers seem more aware than some journalists - see the comments section after an atrocious short piece about the suicide of Brandon Bitner (pictured).
MediaWise's guidelines for reporting suicides here.


  1. Yes of course. It's ridiculous. And the suicides weren't even gay. They were just kids that got called fag. Isn't it sick to assume that everyone's who's called a fag is gay? That's giving an awful lot of power to bullies!

    I hope all is well Fagburn.

  2. @ Coco:

    "Isn't it sick to assume that everyone who's called a fag is gay?"

    Only if you think being gay is sick, surely?