Saturday, 20 November 2010

David Cameron: It Gets Worse

David Cameron, the prime minister chappie, has made one of those "It Gets Better" videos.
His was actually made for Stonewall's bandwagon-jumping "It Gets Better... Today" campaign.
He plugs the Tories new buzzwords - "fair" and "fairness" - ie the Tories don't believe in equality.
Just as intriguing is a word that Mr Cameron doesn't say - "gay".
"This is not the sort of country where we label people for being different," he says, incorrectly.
"Equality laws are fighting discrimination at work and in society," he adds, neglecting to mention that the Conservatives are in the process of dismantling them.
Anyway, Dave's got some advice to all the isolated young gays in UK plc; "Talk to someone about it."
Do you think they'd be watching your stupid fucking video if they had someone they could talk to about it?


  1. 13,000 views! Waste of one minute of his time then.

  2. This is like a party political broadcast for the Conservative Party