Tuesday, 23 November 2010

David Laws: Expressway To Your Heart

Exciting news!
The Daily Express has found a gay man they like.
"DAVID Laws, who has the dubious honour of being the shortest-serving Cabinet minister of modern times, showed appalling judgment when he broke the rules to claim parliamentary allowances to rent a property from his gay lover."
I'm betting there's a "but"...
"But yesterday the former chief secretary to the Treasury demonstrated how sharp a political mind has been lost to the government."
Laws is creeping back into public life, if you haven't noticed.
He took his time out to write a book about the birth pangs of the Coalition government, 22 Days In May, which shows his pleasure that the Lib Dems formed a coalition with the Tories and not Labour.
We've always known David Laws was well to the Right of the Lib Dems on economics - which is why the Express adore him.
"Almost alone among senior coalition figures David Laws acknowledged that middle income earners are suffering disproportionately from the efforts to cut the deficit and called for their taxes to be cut before the next election. When you take into account taxes, national insurance contributions, pensions and student loan repayments, said Mr Laws, many middle-income earners are facing marginal tax rates of almost 50 per cent..."
Mr Laws is of course something of an expert in how the well-off can screw more money out of the state.

Update: The Daily Telegraph love Laws too - 'An early return to the frontline for David Laws. Telegraph View: The Liberal Democrat who resigned six months ago should be hastened back into the Government.'


  1. Don't like him anymore.

  2. Propertory is theft!

  3. I felt sorry for him.
    And quite liked him.
    Now I realise he's a cunt like all the rest.
    There's a lesson there, I think...

  4. His deliberate attempt to garnish our disproval is puerile at best. I also realize that apart from the surface content of his large thrown pottery, almost all of his art is duplicitous and derivative. Using flamboyant and homoerotic imagery/dress is nothing more than a worn out and hackneyed formula served to a naive and il informed public.