Friday, 5 November 2010

Dove Ads: Adventures In The Skin Trade

Fagburn is loving the new advertising campaign for Dove's new men care range, the imaginatively named Men+Care.
It's so manly!
Ads for male grooming products are often hysterically straight, and thus hysterically funny.
The subtext is often; "But using this doesn't mean you're a poof."
"Be comfortable in your own skin" is the message/moral in the Dove campaign, but it could be "Are you man enough to moisturise?"
I like the way the men in the Men+Care ads are frequently pictured with a baby - you may have to forgive Fagburn, but isn't the baby there to signify not cleanliness ("Take two babies into the shower?"), but heterosexuality?
I hope no-one tells Ricky Martin.


  1. Dove products are ace!
    Dove soap is my second favourite surfactant cleaning compound, in case you were wondering.

  2. Do you use MANDOVE (GRRR!!!!) or Ladydove?

  3. I use Dove Cream Bar Extra Sensitive.
    If that makes me a ladyman then so be it!
    I feel no shame.