Friday, 12 November 2010

Downton Abbey: Downstairs A Gay (Sorry)

Not that Fagburn is completely out-of-touch or anything, but it has only just come to my attention that in the hysterically well received period drama, Downton Abbey, there was A Gay!
How exciting.
Footman Tommy was played by Rob James-Collier who used to be in Coronation Street or something.
Here he is talking about his new role and kissing a fella and that.
Seeing as the series was set in Edwardian England Fagburn hopes his character did the decent thing and shot himself.


  1. Oh noes!
    That actor was in Corrie when I still watched it regularly and I thought he was gorgeous! He was the one who owned the knicker factory with his brother and was in love with his sister-in-law, but his brother tried to kill him I think and he ended up having a baby with the sister of the girl whose father was trying to sleep with the woman whose aunt worked at the knicker factory.
    I started watching Downton Abbey, only because Maggie Smith is in it and she's amazing and everything; but the first episode was so interminably dull that I haven't bothered since.
    Now I find out that not only was he in it but he played a gay character.

    To cut a long story short, I saw this only yesterday in my local Tesco and will be picking it up post-haste.
    Thanks, Fagburn!!!

  2. Have to say I'm rather surprised to see the writer Julian Fellowes is married...

  3. Me too. He's a moose!!!

    In the Downton Abbey parody (Downturn Abbey) on the cover of the latest Private Eye, Simon Hughes must be "Tommy".