Friday, 5 November 2010

Fit: A Legz Akimbo Theatre Company Production

Reviewers are struggling to find le mot juste for the film, Fit - originally a Stonewall-backed DVD for schools to help tackle homophobia.
"Worthy", The Times thought.
"The message movie is a difficult thing to pull off. And Fit, commissioned by the gay equality charity Stonewall to combat homophobic bullying in schools, demonstrates the pitfalls time and again..."
Which sounds like a polite way of saying it's dreadful.
"Well-meaning", said The Guardian.
Both awarded it two stars - perhaps they awarded an extra star for effort?
Fit - written and produced by Rikki Beadle-Blair - began life as a play about The Gays performed in schools.
You can watch some trailers and clips here.
It does look "worthy" and "well-meaning", but reminded Fagburn of 'Everybody Out', the Legz Akimbo Theatre Company production from The League of Gentlemen.


  1. Some of the accents in that trailer are awful stage school renditions of "street". Like little Pat Butcher clones. Excruciating.
    It was reviewed on Newsnight last week and the general consensus seemed to be that it was probably a very good and valuable instructional short for classrooms but stretching it out to feature length wasn't a good idea.
    If it was shown when I was at school I probably would have felt like digging a hole and burying myself.
    I dunno, maybe the young'uns it's aimed at will take a lot from it.
    I'd like to see it at some point. I can watch any old shite if it has a gay character/storyline, which is sad but there we are...

    That League of Gentlemen clip is brilliant. Thanks.

  2. I think kids are hypercritical of things that are set within their own age group, all the more so if it's trying to be "down with the kids" and "street" and "edgy" etc.

    Did you see Rikki Beadle-Blair's Channel 4 series Metrosexuality? It came in the wake of Queer As Folk, and was trying too hard to be "post-QAF" and "hip" - it was painful.

    However RBB's film Stonewall - about the riots, not the lobby group - got slated, and I thought that was rather good.

  3. I vaguely remember seeing one episode of Metrosexuality and giving up half-way through.
    Why can no one come up with something as exciting as QAF again??? It's been years.
    I've never seen Stonewall the film, but I've been meaning to. I'll see if I can get hold of it today somewhere! Thanks.

  4. All of rikkis writing smacks of try hard eastenders cheesy script. He just cannot write.