Sunday, 7 November 2010

GT: It's A Sign... Of The Times

Here is a copy of the new GT (Gay Times).
Nah, I'm joshing you - in no way is Gay Times trying to market itself to teenage girls, sorry I mean teenage gays.
I've pasted the actual cover below - it has Shayne Ward off the X Factor fame on the cover!
I hope they ask him if he likes going to gay clubs, cause that would make my fucking day.
Of course only a fool would say that the evil masters of "GT" are trying to turn it into a new Mizz or the old AXM - filled with who is "hot", style tips and dating do's and don'ts and that.
AXM was a magazine no-one bought - so they closed it down.
The Pink Paper was a paper no-one read - so they closed it down.
It's interesting to note that GT is now edited by Tris Reid-Smith, former editor of The Pink Paper (now deceased - twice) and AXM (also late of this parish).
To close one gay magazine may be regarded as a misfortune; to close three looks like cluelessness.
Tick tick tick...

Actually looking through it, there is some very good writing in GT, so kudos to them...


  1. I'm sure Tris is a comic creation.
    His "Editor's Letter" always seems to follow the same structure...

    1. Inane lead-in to letter theme:

    "As World AIDS Day approaches, I’ve been wracking my brains for something new to write about HIV."

    2. Say something trite (and state the bleeding obvious):

    "What we do all know – you, me and the real experts on the virus – is that each one of us can be HIV’s worst enemy or best friend."

    3. Get to the real point:

    "Also in this issue we asked some positive and negative guys to flash us some flesh..."

  2. Next month...

    Aids - It's sexy!

  3. That is an incredible rate of failure, isn't it?
    Why the fuck do they keep making him editor!?

  4. Shayne Ward was quite cute when he first appeared on the scene.
    What happened?
    Most of GT's covers are terrible.

  5. You can learn how to get Shayne's biceps in this month's issue.
    I don't want Shayne's biceps.
    I wouldn't mind his cock in my mouth, though.