Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Independent & The Guardian: That Stupid Club

After Pink News' 'Pope argues that rent boys could use condoms as first step in moralisation', the second really stupid and inappropriate headline of the week comes from The Independent.
''The kids are all right? Not according to the lesbian lobby''
Are The Independent's subs not aware that "the gay lobby" and "the lesbian lobby do not exist?
They're propaganda terms used by right-wing journalists and campaigners.
The article - about The Kids Are All Right - is pretty silly too;
"It has been billed by critics and fans as a Hollywood lesbian lifestyle movie with genuine mainstream appeal. But the Kids Are All Right is certainly not all right with one group – lesbians."
Well, I'm sure some lesbians do, but is this universal?
Are they going to start a lobby group?
The journalist Arifa Akbar quotes just three people - all academics - who spout academic-sounding cliches; "There is a recurring pattern of male sexual access to the lesbian body in visual culture narratives of lesbian motherhood... It raises the question of which narratives featuring lesbians become mainstreamed and why."
You could programme a computer to come up with drivel like that.
It's disheartening the regard some journalists show to academics, particularly the "queer theory" variety; most of them are charlatans; pseudo-intellectual post modern/structuralist nonsense machines.
They're quoted like they represent the last word on something, or as if they represent some kind of consensus.
They don't.
There was a piece on The Guardian's Comment Is Free last week by one Jasbir Puara, 'In The Wake of It Gets Better'.
It reads like a fifth-form essay, so Fagburn was stunned to learn; "Jasbir Puar is associate professor of women's and gender studies at Rutgers University."
If it was a student essay I'd've marked it "Epic fail".
It really was just the biggest bunch of Dave Spart crap.
"[Dan] Savage embodies the spirit of a coming-of-age success story. He is able-bodied, monied, confident, well-travelled, suitably partnered and betrays no trace of abjection or shame. His message translates to: Come out, move to the city, travel to Paris, adopt a kid, pay your taxes, demand representation. But how useful is it to imagine troubled gay youth might master their injury and turn blame and guilt into transgression, triumph, and all-American success?"
I love the idea of dismissing what someone says because they're able-bodied - or negating Dan Savage's It Gets Better message as he doesn't look shamed and may have been on holiday to Paris - it's almost too hilarious for words.
And so it goes on in similar vein, dropping in quotes from other pseudo-radical twerps.
You could go through the blog line by line pointing out all the crater-sized holes in her arguments, but life's too short for Fagburn to bother.
Noam Chomsky's phrase "Manufacturing consent" is well-known.
Puar's piece brought to mind another lesser-known phrase of Professor Chomsky's.
Feigning dissent.
Can we have less of these stupid "clever people" in the media, please?


  1. Academic rust.

    Great post, Fagburn! Full of win!!!

  2. Is there a "rent boy lobby"?

  3. They are like something frtom a pretentious student magazine.


  5. I think it's funny that you spent several paragraphs engaging in juvenile name-calling against Professor Puar without even for a moment considering the substance of her arguments regarding the IGB campaign.

  6. It has no substance - it was drivel.