Monday, 8 November 2010

Jonathan Ross: Loves George Michael

"I love and admire George because he is so remarkably, uncompromisingly, perhaps even foolishly, his own man.
"I'm not talking about his recent late-night driving madness here, or indeed the brief stay 'inside' at her Majesty's Pleasure that was the inevitable end result.
"No, it's because the cherry on top of his remarkable talent is that he is a modern, gay man who refuses to act embarrassed, or even pay lip-service to dominant hetero-culture - instead offering himself up as a radical and yet much-needed alternative role model to young gay men who don't embrace camp or feminised homosexual behaviour as their own.
"A strong, butch, unashamedly gay man who does what he wants, when he wants to. I have nothing but admiration for his talent.
"Nothing but respect for his courage in the face of the sneering press that seek to diminish or destroy those that are different to them. And nothing but love for the whole package."
Joathan Ross writing for the re-release of George Michael's Faith album.

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