Sunday, 14 November 2010

Organ Donation: Anyone Who Had A Heart

'Brutal reality' of sick transplant patients given the lungs of smokers'
If it's a slightly over hysterical health scare story we must on be Daily Mail Island.
Technically, this one is in The Mail On Sunday, but anyway, what's up non-docs?
"There are around 8,000 people needing an organ donation at any one time and every day three patients die because they do not get one in time.
"As a result, doctors say that most patients would probably accept a 'high risk' or 'marginal' organ as without it they may not survive the year.
"They are also using tissue from those more at risk of carrying HIV and Hepatitis C such as gay men and drug users."
It must be many a Mail reader's worst nightmare.
Would you have a life-saving transplant operation if it meant taking an organ... from A Gay!!??!

• The Mail On Sunday clearly aren't that bothered about the shortage of organ donors, as they don't tell readers how they can register.
You can do it online here.

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