Friday, 5 November 2010

Phil Woolas MP: Good Riddance

So farewell then Phil Woolas MP.
"His 2010 election win was declared void and he was suspended by the Labour party.
"Mr Woolas faces a three-year parliamentary ban after being found guilty of deliberately making false statements about a Lib Dem rival in campaign literature," BBC News reports.
He made "false statements" - ie lies - which pandered to racists for electoral gain.
Woolas was New Labour's Minister for Immigration - so one could argue that his last job also involved pandering to racists for electoral gain.
Woolas also produced election pamphlets accusing the unmarried Lib Dem, Elwyn Watkins, candidate of lying about living in the constituency and making insinuations about his sexuality. Watkins was described as "a single man who lives alone with his mother".
Woolas oversaw the disgusting and indefensible policy that lesbian, gay and trans people seeking asylum in the UK could return to their countries if they were "discreet".
He is a scum egg.
As Woolas returns to life amongst his former constituents in Oldham East and Saddleworth, Fagburn hopes he will be discreet.
And then drop dead.