Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pink Pound: Exploding The Myth Of Gay Money

"If you believe what you read, "gays” (really just gay males) are a lucrative group, a “dream market” made up of high-income earners who demand nothing but the best. That’s a great image for a minority group to have, isn’t it?
Gay marketers, using unreliable data, relentlessly promoted the image of well-off, desirable gays (usually gay-male couples) all through the ’90s. It’s become a stereotype.
But it isn’t true. The overwhelming consensus of over 60 research papers on lesbian and gay incomes holds that gay men earn less than straight men..."

This site summarizes all the research on lesbian & gay economics in one convenient place. This site explodes the myth of gay money.

Canadian journalist Joe Clark has spent a year researching the facts behind the manufactured fallacies of the Pink Pound and the gay market.
His brilliant new data-packed website should be the last word on this subject - though sadly Fagburn fears it won't be.
This guy deserves an award.


  1. Unfortunately as most gay awards are run by gay media or gay groups who rely on pushing the myth of the gay bourgeoisie, he probably won't get one...

  2. I agree he deserves an award.
    This really fucks me off. The whole "pink pound" bollocks. That's one reason why most gay media has turned to shit. It's all advertising, promotion, aspirational drek.
    They all operate in their own little middle-class bubble.
    It's all shit.

  3. And the irony is they end up aiming magazines at this vast mythic gay group of their own invention and wonder why not many people are buying them...