Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Press Briefing: We're Making The News

And in other news today - yes there is some - there's some stuff about The Gays and the news in the news.

A gay bloke has asked another gay bloke to marry him via the front-page of London's Metro!
I thought he sounded a bit flash and creepy when I heard, but apparently he won a competition where the prize was a Metro cover to do what thou wilt with so that's not quite so bad, I suppose.
And if it made some bigot's commute a bit more miserable this morning then it's all good with me.
Apparently, the other gay bloke has said yes.
No, I'm not really bothered either, but in a spirit of fraternal solidarity I hope it all works out better for them than it does for those other two people who've announced their engagement today.

Sir Elton of John will be guest editing a special edition of The Independent (and i!) for World Aids Day!
Bono did this in 2006 and it was predictably pretty wanky, but Fagburn is pressing the pause-button on his cynicism for this one.
When Mr John has contributed to newspapers in the past he's often shown an admirable internationalist perspective, he does get angry about stuff that people should be angry about, and he does have an interesting set of close-personal-showbiz-friends to call on for the other stuff.
Elton also knows some goons like Rush Limbaugh and Eminem, but let's hope for the best.
The Independent claims; "He is said to have already begun planning the special edition of The Independent."
I should ruddy hope so too, he's only got a fortnight.

And finally... just for once Pink News has an item of news that you won't have already read somewhere else ages ago!
"Wanted: A staff writer for PinkNews.co.uk"
Pink News used to be edited/written by Tony Grew - probably the best news journalist the British gay press has ever had.
It is currently edited/written by Jessica Geen - who's hopeless and clueless.
Fagburn sincerely hopes Pink News choose a new Grew this time.


  1. Pink News: "Europe's largest gay news service".

    That says basically nothing.
    Do they mean the most popular? How would they know?
    Do they have the most reporters? Obviously not.

    Strange claim.

  2. Maybe it's meant to be "Europe's largely gay news service"?

  3. These people who sell substandard shit to gay people while making a nice profit from it are scum.
    GT filling the magazine with Prowler shite, Pink News just reprinting press releases - basically doing fuck all and claiming to be the best there is.
    Gay culture, gay media, it's run by cunts mostly. They look after themselves before they ever look after gay interests. Money is everything.

    That Metro cover is sweet.
    Has anyone told them that gay couples can't actually get married in this country yet?

  4. 'That Metro cover is sweet.
    Has anyone told them that gay couples can't actually get married in this country yet?'

    How do you propose he propose?

  5. Well, if it was in private by all means use that word, but if he's going to do it in public at least don't propagate the lie that there's marriage equality in this country.

    How about "Will you be my civil partner?"
    Yes, it sounds shit, but at least it's honest.

    The cover the following day should have said in reply, "To my darling Jon Mark Ireland, I am afraid I cannot marry you because we live in a backwards fucking country that still treats gays like us as second class citizens. If I said 'yes' then we would be starting our 'civil partnership' on a lie and I don;t think that's the best basis for what I hope will be life-time together. If you reword your question so that I may truthfully answer in the affirmative then you will certainly find satisfaction in this matter. Lots of love, Ben Daniel Collins. PS - can you do a bit better than a free newspaper that's read by the hoi-polloi on the fucking underground next time, please? We're affluent gays, ffs! Thank you."

  6. To Ben 'Princess Tinymeat' Collins



    PS Sorry to have to tell you like this but this shit is the only thing I've ever seen you read.