Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Queerty: ¿Que Pasa?

Here's a story from Queerty.
"A 12-year-old boy in Arizona pulled a knife on his mother for forcing him to dress up in a "gay Justin Bieber" costume."
The link to the story says; "Surprise police said a boy pulled a knife on his mother who refused to let him go trick-or-treating as a "gay Justin Bieber," the singer and teen idol."
Could they have gotten it more wrong?
I used to love Queerty, it's there in my links, but it really has turned to pants.
I think they've lost a really good witty, politically sharp writer and are now just posting anything really fast without checking it.
I've posted some angry Queerty readers' comments about this below.
Your gay media - getting shitter by the day...


  1. hf2hvit
    Uhm…obviously, nobody at Queerty read the article.

    "Surprise police said a boy pulled a knife on his mother who refused to let him go trick-or-treating as a "gay Justin Bieber," the singer and teen idol."

    Queerty fail.

    here's a quote from the article since Queerty got it totally wrong:
    The 12-year-old boy had been grounded Halloween night after an argument with his mother, who said his costume idea was disrespectful, police spokesman Sgt. Mark Ortega said.
    Mom grounded him for not being respectful towards Justin Beiber. He wanted to do a bad impersonation of Beiber…

    I second HF2HVIT's comment. Seriously, what is it with Queerty jumping the gun all the time?!? READ the news before you report it! And while I'm at it, does anybody at Queerty ever EDIT these postings? It's embarrassing at times! Good Grief…

    You couldn't have got this story more wrong, really…

    I expect better of Queerty.


    So, will Queerty write a huge article defending themselves AGAIN for being such major screw-ups, and how it's our fault for somehow not getting Queerty's point? I mean really guys; it's not as if this is the first time you've misread something. Worse, the original article was really short! Again, it is time for all new blood on the writing and editorial staff.

    Really? The article they're referencing is only 5 sentences long. That's only TWO more than they put here, and they still got it wrong? Weak.

  2. When I first started reading Queerty I thought it was fucking great but they seem to be gradually removing everything that made it special in the first place.
    The quality of reporting is getting worse and worse, the voting system has been phased out, the skin pics are getting dull - actually, they're still quite good, it's the main reason I still read Queerty now if I'm honest.
    I find this really sad because not only, as I say, was it a site that I used to love, it was one of the few sites I visited regularly.

    I really hope it picks up again.
    The vast majority of gay media IS getting shitter by the day.
    Queerty was a godsend and now it's going down the pan too.
    This shit's important.
    Fagburn is the only site I visit that regularly now. And xtube, obviously...
    Sort it out, Queerty!!!

  3. Hang about!
    I've just realised there haven't been any skin pics this week.
    Have they got rid of those now too!?
    Why, Queerty??

  4. Update!
    The Morning Goods thing (skin pics) HAS been stopped.

    It's like they had a meeting, made a list of everything about the site that was good and then got rid of everything on the list.

  5. That's very interesting - it might mean they're having real "cashflow problems".
    Maybe the talented one/s walked for some linked reason and they've just got a work experience or some drongo writing it.
    Photos can be really expensive - particularly using a set a day. But if you look at the viewcounts the smutty photos were way the most popular thing there.