Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rioting Students Storm Tory HQ!!!!!!!!

"RIOTING students stormed a building housing the Tory party headquarters as a national demonstration against tuition fees descended into violence.
"Hundreds of people were evacuated from Millbank Tower in central London after yobs smashed windows, fought police and set fire to placards," bewails The Sun.
Who I'm only quoting cause they used this delightful photo of a rather fetching young chap with his shirt off.
I think these "yobs" are great.
Particularly this one; "Thug - bare-chested rioter at Milbank Tower."
Rioting is a great English tradition, it's the only time they realise how angry we are.
Fagburn says: More of this kind of thing!
Particularly if he takes his shirt off again.


  1. Agreed! This is sexy and vital and inspires rage, enthusiasm, discussion, political engagement and hard-ons all-round.
    If only topless cuties rioted every week this country would be fucking glorious again!!!!

    The head of the NUS was on Channel 4 news earlier. He was tripping over himself to condemn the rioting. The Education Miniser refused to speak to him. Ha ha! CUNTS!

  2. The NUS's behaviour was predictable and predicatbly disgusting - it's just a gravy train to becoming a NEW Labour MP.
    The head of the NUS when I was a student was Stephen Twigg - I tried to lead a revolt against him.
    We need more fit young chaps taking their shirts off and rioting and less fat-faced careerist cunts.
    Thank you.

  3. I would like to apologise for the spelling of "predictably".
    And also for writing "NEW Labour" which is like something of "From The Message Boards" in Private Eye.

  4. "We need more fit young chaps taking their shirts off and rioting and less fat-faced careerist cunts."

    Totally agree. The careerists are the real thugs.

    I was reading about Stephen Twigg in Private Eye a while back.
    What a cunt!

  5. Twigg was head of the NUS Lesbian and Gay Group when I was a student.
    A full-time gravy train.
    They held a conference.
    I got up and asked; "What have you done apart from organise this conference?"
    God, I loathe him.

  6. "a rather fetching young chap" Laughs!!

  7. He is fetching but those low batties look ridiculous.