Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rupert Everett: Advertisements For Himself

Professional posh gay Rupert Everett has joined The Times writing a column for the Saturday edition.
We are now in week two - both columns were Rupert Everett writing about Rupert Everett and his fabulous lifestyle.
How very interesting.
"I must pay the council £10,000 for the pleasure of having scaffolding all over my flat for five months (with the sole purpose, it transpires, of painting some windows and replacing 27 tiles on the roof. A huge panelled staircase is seriously in need of repair but the budget for that was cancelled!). Not only must I pay for alternative accommodation but I must also pay more tax as our country scavenges a few more bob out of me to keep the war going and the banks afloat.
“I want benefits for being single. And what about all the tax I pay for being a f***ing queen in showbusiness?!”
Yes dear.

1 comment:

  1. He seems to be slowly going mad.

    He says coming out fucked his career up, doesn't he?
    I think that's more down to him being a bit shit and that.
    He was great in Cemetery Man. Shit in everything else...