Monday, 8 November 2010

Stephen Fry: Even More

"The reason two of my girlfriends married gay men is they make great, touchy-feely fathers, don’t object to lots of pink in the decorating, and have affairs with partners who don’t make the woman feel inadequate."

Liz Jones, being ever more baffling in The Mail On Sunday.
The article is called 'Watch Brief Encounter, boys. Then you might get us interested in sex'
Irony has just died.


  1. Why has irony died? I think the discussion is wonderful, by the way. As a gay dad happily married to a woman, I think the article brings up many good points.

  2. I meant the irony of watching a film written by Noel Coward as a guide to heterosexuality - that is all...

  3. And Brief Encounter is about a gay love affair, anyway.
    As any fule kno.