Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stephen Fry: The Wolf Is At The Door

Can there be any more dispiriting trick in the journalists' lexicon than to start a column with the word "So"?
"So Stephen Fry has been in the midst of a whirlwind of condemnation for his remarks in an interview for a gay magazine in which he seemed to say that women — unlike gay men — don’t actually enjoy sex, and have sex only to secure relationships..."
Naomi Wolf writes in The Sunday Times - regardless of the fact Stephen Fry did not say that.
But after siezing the wrong idea, she then proceeds to take it for a walk.
Are some of her best friends gay?
You betcha!
If you believe Naomi, she was cruising the Castro in the Seventies...
"I remember hearing this oddly jingoistic notion — that gay men were the ones who really 'got it' about men and sex, and women had no clue and were just going through the motions — from a few gay men in the Castro district of San Francisco in the early 1970s."
It's such a cavalcade of nonsense it would be cruel to pick points in it.
But here's a highlight; "To state the obvious, women don’t tend to “cottage” because they can get raped and beaten up..."
To state the obvious gay men most often get beaten up when they are "cottaging" or "cruising".
Nor do they do it in inverted commas.
I could go on.
To be fair to Wolf, later in the week she did recant somewhat.
By adding the line; "To be fair to Fry, later in the week he did recant somewhat..."
Suffice to say that Wolf quotes two gay men approvingly; "the cutting edge" Andrew Sullivan and the "prophetic" Larry Kraymer.
It would be hard to find two bigger right-wing gay house trained homophobes - the "good" gays - apart from Mark Simpson, of course.
I. Give. Fucking. Up.

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