Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Take That: Take More

I've just been to the newsagents.
Because I live in Kemptown in Brighton they always have a huge pile of The Guardian.
But today they also had two (2!) piles of Radio Times.
No-one cares about the Take That reunion that much, do they?
I don't.
I am positively flummoxed!


  1. Seeing Howard with his arse out in my sister's Smash Hits was the first time I had certain... erm, stirrings of that nature.
    I remember this issue having a great effect on me too, but I was only 11 when that came out, so god knows what age I was when I picked it up. I would have been about 13 when they did that devils thing on tour.
    I loved Take That then, but mostly because I thought Robbie was gorgeous. Then he left, they split up and I grew up and realised Robbie was a cunt all along. When they got back together again without him I really warmed to them and thought it was a good thing, but looking at that Radio Times cover with Robbie and his hideous face beside them actually makes me physically angry. Why does he have to fuck it all up!?
    The sooner they split up again the better now.

  2. It's terrible when bands split up and you realise they hated each other all along.
    Take That - - not actually top friends - bummer.
    The Drums - bummer. Total bummer!!!!